The Montenegrin coast, 293 km long, includes 117 sandy and pebbly beaches, with the total length of 73 km, of which 33 km are sandy beaches. The tourist has the possibility of taking a swim in a lake or in the sea, rafting down a river and skiing on mountain slopes – all in one day. The tourism sector has recorded an increase for the seventh year in a row and influenced the growth of agriculture and food-processing industry, transport, telecommunication, trade, as well as a whole set of other branches.

Renowned real estate showcase “The Luxury Property Show” and British online magazine “Resident” put the Montenegro in the first place, in front of Spain, Italy, Portugal and France, as a destination where in the world to buy a house in 2017. A report by the Association of British Travel Agents reveals the 12 best holiday destinations to visit in 2018, among which Montenegro is located.

Montenegro is a safe, economically viable and politically stable country with the potential to continue economic growth. Such growth has so far been mainly based on the growth achieved in the sector of services and the inflow of foreign direct investments. If you come to Montenegro, you will find for yourself many reasons to invest in this country.

Montenegro is an open economy, devoted to the improvement of business environment, together with people who have the knowledge and capital to invest in the country. Montenegro is a civic, democratic and ecological society, making a continuing progress on its path towards the EU. It has already proved to be a good partner to credible foreign private or corporate entities.

According to expert forecasts, Montenegro will be one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world in the coming years. Besides tourism, the country has strong potential in agriculture, infrastructure and renewable energy.


  • Constitutional name: Montenegro

  • Location: South-Eastern Europe

  • Geographic coordinates: 42° 30’ N, 19° 18’ E

  • Time zone: GMT+1

  • Climate: Continental, Mediterranean, and Mountainous

  • Population: 622,303 (2016)

  • Area: 13,812 km2

  • Territorial division: 23 municipalities

  • Capital:(population) Podgorica (195,718)

  • Old RoyalCapital (pop.): Cetinje (15,837)

  • Politicalsystem: Parliamentary Democracy

  • Presidentof the Republic: Milo Đukanović

  • Primeminister: Zdravko Krivokapić

  • GDP(million €): 1395.8 (IIq 2022)

  • Real GDP Growth Rate: 12.7% ( IIq 2022)

  • GDP percapita: €6,354

  • FDI(million €): 508.03 (first half of 2022)

  • Corporate tax Flat: – 9%

  • Personal income tax: 9% with the introduction of the temporary tax rate of 15% applicable only on the salaries above the 480 EUR net

  • VAT: 21%,7% (tourism) and 0%

  • Currency:EUR

  • Number of Airports: 2 (Podgorica and Tivat)

  • Main port: Port of Bar

  • Visa regime: None