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Montenegro offers many opportunities for living, visiting, working, investing and combining all aforementioned aspects. Its small, but very unique and dynamic area provides exciting content for lifestyle and business.


In the relatively small area of Montenegro, nature has produced unique contrasts: the quality and diversity of its natural and anthropological values makes Montenegro one of the most attractive regions in the Mediterranean. Over a span of only 100 km in a straight line, three natural environments are distinguishable: the seaside, the karst field zone and the mountainous region.

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Montenegro’s economy is small but open, and focused on encouraging new businesses. It is recognized as an emerging economy with significant growth potential.

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Montenegro is richly endowed. With a unique cultural heritage, gastronomy, sunny beaches, a Mediterranean climate, proximity to Italy and Croatia, and a reasonable cost of living, the Montenegrin beauty has a lot of advantages

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To completely immerse in Montenegro experience means to be present and experience this hidden gem. We hope that our gallery can ignite your fancy and entice you to plan a trip and savor everything that Montenegro has to offer. These albums were created solely using materials of Montenegrin photographers. We extend our special gratitude to Aleksandar Jaredic, Gavrilo Knezevic, Slavko Nikolic, Ivan Ivanovic, Ilija Peric, and Milos Samardzic

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